Our Purpose

Alam Ko partners with Consider The Lily, Inc., a rescue home for sexually exploited and trafficked girls in the Philippines. Together we are breaking the chains of poverty one girl at a time.

By purchasing Alam Ko pieces, you are providing a livable wage for women in the Philippines, which means a safe home and education for themselves and their children.

All of our artisans are moms, aunts, or sisters to one of the girls living in the Consider the Lily home and they are working to be reunited with their loved one. 

The word Alam Ko means I KNOW in the Philippine language because we are dedicated to, not only providing safe and sustainable employment, but teaching these women to KNOW and understand their worth.

How it all began……

Consider The Lily was started in 2011 by an amazing woman named Josie Long. After living her entire life in the Philippines, she was called to open a home and become a mom to girls needing freedom from their living situations. As soon as Josie communicated the idea, Brian and Kim Hommel immediately agreed to be on the board to help and be a part of this incredible organization.
Every year that went by, the call to do something more would increase with every story and situation of the women left behind when the girls would leave their homes to live with Consider The Lily. Moms and sisters left in dire situations to survive poverty's emotional and physical repercussions. Finally, realizing there was more we could do Alam Ko was born.

Alam Ko's mission is to employ women to provide financial freedom from the chains of poverty, abuse, and self-doubt. We want to empower our artisans so they can impact their homes, their communities, and their families for generations to come.

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